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Stars will continue as watersports consultants for Turkey’s Hillside Beach Club, 2015
Stars have performed in over 30 countries!
2015 Vietnam, Turkey, Bahrain, Singapore, Lebannon, Malaysia???

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Stars of Florida is a water ski show / entertainment production company that specializes in the promotion and production of water entertainment shows and on water entertainment worldwide. From Japan to the Middle East to any where in the World, the Stars of Florida feature the world’s top show skiers in performances that will thrill and delight spectators. Virtually all aspects of the sport including barefooting, jumping, swivel, adagio doubles, pyramids, wake boarding, ski sky are choreographed into one grand performance. You won’t want to miss a single minute of the endless variety of water skiing acrobatics.

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Stars of Florida Water Ski Show Visits Lebanon


By Matt Heilman


Don Buffa has been taking water ski shows across the globe for many years now – since 1990, in fact. As a long time Cypress Gardens skier, Buffa took on the role of organizing international shows when Cypress Gardens stopped doing them. He became the founder and show director of Stars of Florida, and recently organized the 75th international trip for the team, this time to Lebanon.

Securing international shows isn’t easy. The connection to the people of Lebanon actually happened in 1998. While doing a Stars of Florida show in Egypt, they met a Lebanese skier named Alain Nohra, who said he’d like to host the team in Lebanon some day. Buffa and Norha unfortunately lost touch and Nohra moved to California. But, some things have a way of working out.

“Fast forward to January of 2011 and I got …

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We’ve been all over the globe

Japan – Nagasaki, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Mt. Fuji, Myako, Wakayama, Yokohama (4), Kobe, Atomi

UAE – Dubai (9) , Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah (3)

Jordan – Aqaba (7)

Dominican Republic – Santa Domingo, Baharona

Colombia – Santa Marta (4), Bogota (2)

Turkey - Fethiye (4), Istanbul, Van, Bodrum, Iznik

Egypt – El Gouna, Cairo (2), Alexandra (3), Sharm el-Sheikh, Faiyum, Marsa Matruh, Sohkna

America – Las Vegas

France – Paris, Enghien-Les-Bains

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Kuching

India – Mumbai

Antigua – St. Johns

Gernada – St. Georges

Singapore – Singapore

Barbados – Bridgetown

Qatar - Doha (2)

Oman – Muscat

Turkmanistan – Avaza (2)

Korea - Chuncheon (2)

Costa Rica – San Jose

Lebanon - Jounieh, (3), FloridaBeach

Guyana - Gerogetown (2)

Norway - Oslo, Tonsberg, Lillehammer, Trondheim, Kristiansund, Alesund, Bergen, Haugesund, Stavanger, Mandal, Arendal, Kristiansand

Sweden – Vanersborg, Gothenburg

French Guyana – Cayenne

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