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cypress gardens ski show

Stars Of Florida to perform on Caspian Sea side location June 15th, 2009

Check back to see the photos from the Stars latest adventure! TURKMENISTAN!!!

Stars have performed over 800 shows in 2008

Stars Of Florida by the numbers:

What's in a number: 7,801,844

Hours: 19,504.61

Days: 813

Years: 2.23

17 trips to the moon and back

313 trips around the world

18 different countries

Countless shows!

137 hand selected people in all have performed with the Stars, in the past 19 years.

Stars Of Florida the most traveled water ski show in history has cumulated over 7,801,844 (million) miles of flight.

Sharjah, UAE Dec. 5th, 2008


Shows went great today! A lot of people to watch the show.