Water Ski Shows in Jordan!

I will be returning to Aqaba, Jordan next week 9th May, for talks to finalize water ski show featuring the Stars Of Florida. I always enjoy returning the Jordan. We have performed waterski shows there, 5-6 times over the past 14 years. It is awesome to see the great history that Jordan has. In the past our host Simon Khoury a former Cypress Gardens waterskier as well as show director, has been our guide and host. We all enjoy hearing all the old story’s about Cypress Gardens waterski show and fun to realize that his stories are about they same as ours from the resent years although the names have changed. It also looks as though this will be the last show in Aqaba with Simon’s involvement as he is moving his interest back to Beirut after many great years in Jordan. Stay tuned to updates on the Stars Of Florida’s travel dates!