Van, Turkey

Photos from  Stars Of Florida, trip late June, 2013 in Van, Turkey

Last 4 years Van highlight various values ​​of the city, in order to remove the stressful environment of the people of the region and change the air in the region of Van organized various events, this year’s 4th Cristal Clapper Short to be held “International Van, Bitlis Water Sports Festival”, 2 provinces and 7 districts will be celebrated with various activities. This year’s festival of the United States (US) from the state of Florida, the world famous ‘Stars Of Florida’ aerobatic team were invited. Saturday, June 29 opening of the Stars of Florida continues uninterrupted preparations for the festival which will be held in the morning and 2 times a day in the evening doing preparatory work.

The intense pace then enjoying the utmost to relieve the fatigue of the day is the aerobatic team in the evenings. Butterfly Butterfly Travel Tourism own dinner guests at the historic Van Castle by great athletes gave improvise. After dinner with the game, accompanied by the music of local artists exhibit their teams enjoyed themselves. At the end of the night they play the game with me SEMs of the region. Water aerobatic team of the performance they showed me playing Semler, six full marks from participants to dinner. In a speech about eating Butterfly Butterfly Travel Tourism own great Doğaç weekend which will be held in Van, water sports in the United States to attend the festival (USA) said that guests have the burr. Cuff, said the day’s fatigue and throw themselves tonight and spend a beautiful night for dinner they organized. Such an in participating in the program stated that they are very happy to improvise, their happiness, adding that his happiness. Aerobatic the team members, Şemmame is a very nice game, several times in a Van, while they learned to look on the internet before coming here said they had proof . This game is very different and fun they had come, when they returned to their country say they will show the game in a few people.

Had a great time and many many thanks to the Government of Van for inviting us to their part of Turkey. I little own part of Turkey that is yet to be discovered, beautiful mountains, very nice people, and a very high interest in watersports in the largest Lake in Turkey, Lake Van.

We also had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with US Ambassador Francis Ricciardone. It was pleasure chatting with the Ambassador and his wife. We are hoping that we can again return to this part of Turkey very soon!